About this EdVid

Deep dive into the Robotics learning journey with a practice approach how to send signals to Android cellphone.

Meet the Instructor

Mr. Hoang Anh Phan or Robot Bro - a Youtuber, a robotics influencer who would love to spread the message of creating entertaining, full of joy and easy-to-understand content so that everyone can learn more about robotics.

Mr. Robot Bro has experienced in:

- Programming language: C/C++, blockly, Labview, Visual C#...

- Programming experiences: Microcontroller, embedded programming with Arduino,

basic robotics, signal control from PC, smartphone to the robot (android phone controlled

robot, line tracker-object avoider, robot arm, smart home...).

- Android phone programming with AppInventor (signal control, voice recognition....)

- Unmanned flying devices (airplane, multi-copter...)

- IOT programming (Internet of things) with Wemos D1, Node MCU based on

supporting platform, e.g: Thingspeak, AppInventor, Blynk...

- Device control via phone messages.

- 3d printer operation, 3d design with Tinkercad, Sketchup...

- Laser cutter, 2d design with Corel draw...

- Interior design Homestyler.

- Computer Vision programming, AI train for object detection with Teachable.

- Setting up a dynamic and static hydroponic system.

- Experience in the operation of Universal Industrial robots.

 Pedagogical and education management capacity

- Directly teaching STEM Robotics classes, developing a program at Canadian International School System, organizing online teaching when the school needs.

- Experience in using Google classroom in online teaching

- Manage Makerspace teachers and coordinate equipment and facilities between classrooms at Unica and Edumall

- Build up robotics lessons at Robot cho mọi người and Trung tâm e-STEAM Youtube channel

- In charge of the school robotics team and archived some awards, e.g: Srobot, MakeX, Sciencbox, MYOR...

- HR experiences in the education area.

- Experience in working with the Department of Education and Training for getting a license for a STEAM center and evaluating education programs.

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