About this EdVid

Let's leverage your Robotics learning journey with the introduction to Voice-Control-Engine (VCE) is an engine to recognize sound data. The user records this data and sends the result as a predefined command. VCE developers can provide VCE service users, to apply VCE with functions that is necessary to operate the engine.

Meet the Instructor

Mr. Hoang Anh Phan or Robot Bro - a Youtuber, a robotics influencer who would love to spread the message of creating entertaining, full of joy and easy-to-understand content so that everyone can learn more about robotics.

Mr. Robot Bro has experienced in:

- Programming language: C/C++, blockly, Labview, Visual C#...

- Programming experiences: Microcontroller, embedded programming with Arduino,

basic robotics, signal control from PC, smartphone to the robot (android phone controlled

robot, line tracker-object avoider, robot arm, smart home...).

- Android phone programming with AppInventor (signal control, voice recognition....)

- Unmanned flying devices (airplane, multi-copter...)

- IOT programming (Internet of things) with Wemos D1, Node MCU based on

supporting platform, e.g: Thingspeak, AppInventor, Blynk...

- Device control via phone messages.

- 3d printer operation, 3d design with Tinkercad, Sketchup...

- Laser cutter, 2d design with Corel draw...

- Interior design Homestyler.

- Computer Vision programming, AI train for object detection with Teachable.

- Setting up a dynamic and static hydroponic system.

- Experience in the operation of Universal Industrial robots.

 Pedagogical and education management capacity

- Directly teaching STEM Robotics classes, developing a program at Canadian International School System, organizing online teaching when the school needs.

- Experience in using Google classroom in online teaching

- Manage Makerspace teachers and coordinate equipment and facilities between classrooms at Unica and Edumall

- Build up robotics lessons at Robot cho mọi người and Trung tâm e-STEAM Youtube channel

- In charge of the school robotics team and archived some awards, e.g: Srobot, MakeX, Sciencbox, MYOR...

- HR experiences in the education area.

- Experience in working with the Department of Education and Training for getting a license for a STEAM center and evaluating education programs.

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