About this EdVid

If you want to understand more about the concept of ROS - Robotics Operation System, the practical ways to apply to real-world use cases, and how to use ROS, this EdVid has all the answers for your questions. 

You will be learning about:

1. Quickstart on Robot Operating System (ROS)

2. Quickstart on UI Development with ReactJS

3. Implementation of basic features of mobile robot

After this video, you will be able to play with the code and make the application work with a real robot just by modifying the topic names & the corresponding parameters. You can also do some more work to improve the performance of the application such as letting the Bot component handle the bot position update by itself so that React doesn’t need to re-render the whole page when the tfClient get updated. And finally, you should add SLAM feature to the application so you can control the robot to draw a new map

Meet the Instructor

5 Cloud Robotics engineers from Kambria & OhmniLabs Vietnam who are working on TelepresenceUV-C Cleaning Solutions. 

They are enthusiasts starting to learn robot control from scratch, hobbyists wanting to polish the UI/UX of your robots, and Web developers who want to dabble in robotics.

The team consists of 5 members from Kambria & OhmniLabs Vietnam 

Phong Vu - Technical Product Manager 

Hoang Nguyen -  Senior Robotic Developer

Toan Nguyen  -  Senior Robotic Engineer 

Giang Vo  - Senior Robotic Engineer 

Khoa Nguyen  - Robotic Engineer  

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