About this EdVid

Blockchain for business is the first-come-to-mind guideline for anyone who would like to kick start their journey applying Blockchain and innovative technology to your business model.  

Part 2 deep dives into technical knowledge in the field of blockchain: how Bitcoin and Ethereum were built and how tokens support business organizations. 

Meet the Instructor

Mr. KoolJay is the founder: www.dathoc.net also the trainer for www.dathoc.net (formerly testerpro.org): including ai, big data, blockchain, software testing... developing in Java, Go, NodeJS, Solidity.

He worked on deploying blockchain system in Go, NodeJS deploy analytics system in AWS with EMR, S3, Redshift by Java JAR - Jule 2019.

Also, he had won 3rd Grand Prize in Vietnam AI Grand Challenge organized by Kambria, and has been actively participating in Kambria community. 

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