About this EdVid

Mr. Robert Vong is sharing the fundamental concept  with Kambria community about the Bitcoin Primer - the 3x3 Model that allows audiences to understand more about how Bitcoin actually works 

Meet the Instructor

Robert is a distributed ledger research and development specialist. As a BlockFin Asia co-founder, he organized Vietnam’s first blockchain conference in 2016 advocating for closer collaboration between industry and regulators. In addition to advising startups, Robert managed Bitcoin Saigon, the original home of the city's Bitcoin, blockchain and fintech community.


In 2014, he played an early part in voicing industry concerns about cryptocurrency double taxation in Australia. Prior to this, Robert was a buy-side equity research analyst in Melbourne and New York City. He has an MBA from New York University specializing in financial instruments, and an engineering degree from RMIT University.

Currently, Robert is working as CTO and Co-founder of PATHLABS, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,  specialized in Blockchain and bringing about the knowledge of Blockchain to solve market problems. 

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